Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites -The hall or the church where the couples to be married is usually decorated with ribbons and flowers done by professionals but the cheaper way is to do it yourself or get your family and friends to help you. You can buy lots of threads of ribbon from your local craft store and well you know how easy flowers are to get. All you need is a teaching techniques book for the flowers and you are on your way to saving yourself a lot of money.

Every wedding runs over budget but these things can’t be helped, you can cut down on your wedding decoration costs by doing most of it yourself or have your family do it for you. Make your own decorations, candles in wreaths of flowers are a good one and though you may think it is hard to do it, it really isn’t, just purchase a home teaching book and you are half way there! Items can be picked up so much cheaper if you shop for them yourself than if you leave it for the professionals to do, they always seem to have a knack of purchasing really expensive items then billing you for it…Hmm I wonder why?

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One thing to be sure of when you are doing your wedding decorations is that your reception hall is beautifully decorated as that is where you will spend the rest of the night partying and eating away. That is also what your guests will go to do. The wedding is not all about you anymore, oh no, it is about keeping those guests happy and preventing any wedding crashers! During the ceremony you want to have stunning pictures taken and that can’t happen if there is no beautiful decorations except you and your partner. Also choosing a venue is important to some places won’t let you do the decorating and you will have to pay extra for them to do it, and some places won’t allow it at all.

When choosing your wedding decorations make sure that they are not too bright and are going to take all the attention of you as a couple, as you need all the attention you can get as this is your big day, not the decorations’ big day! Remember also that they can be a lot cheaper than what most pay for them so keep your eye out for a bargain and who knows what you will find!